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InVion 7-inch Screen Portable GPS System

Posted on November 1, 2007
InVion 7-inch Screen Portable GPS System

Vendor: Tigerdirect


InVion 7" Screen Portable GPS System - GPS System and MP3/Movie Player with Bluetooth

If you want to get lost, you don’t want InVion’s new 7" Screen Portable GPS System. However, if you want to get to your destination safely and easily, with lots of fun along the way, you’ll order the GPS-7v1 today. This compact, affordable device sports a 7-inch touch screen, 400 MHz processor Sirf III GPS antenna, plus MP3 and Movie Player. The InVion GPS-7v1 comes complete with car charger, home charger, headset, mounting bracket, and USB cable. Plus, it is Bluetooth compatible! With NAVTEQ on board, you’ll always know where you’re going. Get lost? It’s not going to happen with our InVion GPS-7v1.

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